Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where to now...

After turning the big 40 and whilst working in the Kimberley last year, I reflected on my past achievements and experiences. It had dawned on me and it seemed just a natural thing to do, and that was to now spend the next decade of my life using it to give back, pass on the stories that enabled me to pick myself up time and time again. There is a quote I am now consciously aware of and live my life by and that is "For as much is given, much is expected".

I have now realised that I have lived my life in decades, 0-10 dreaming as a kid, 10-20 education and realisation that i could live my dreams. 20-30yrs 60 Countries and living my sporting dreams. 30-40 two more kids, a grandchild and 110 communities around Australia, mentoring and promoting better health and education to my people. So now i am embarking on a new phase of life.....Stay Tuned...!!!

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  1. No comments that I can see - as yet!!!! I am envious of the experiences that are coming your way over there Nova - wish I had half your energy. Wanna see photos too Sissy pls. Best of luck to you. Stay safe and come home healthy and whole.
    Karen Bux