Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Simply Amazing!

1 week down and 4 to go.  Wow! What an experience it is...one thing that strikes me here everyday is that 'nothing is too hard or impossible', where there is 'life there is light'.  The objective of me being here is to learn how to 'shift the mindset', empower and give capacity to the individual so that their 'locus' of control is always internal.  My facilitator here Ernest, is just an amazing human being, full of smiles everyday and in his outlook there is no wrong or right answer...every decision we make is all consequence related, we determine our own destiny and learn from each response.  So...i have almost mastered the methodology of the programs, now to get down to business and see the responses and actions of the students in the local schools!  The real Journey beings....

Also a big congratulations to my NPGA girls back in Oz who are undefeated and carving up the U/19 Basketball Comp in Darwin! Well done girls, keep up the good work. Proud of you all :)


  1. Go NOVA! you rock!! Say hello to Nelson for me ;)
    lots of love, TJ

  2. Nova have tracked you down. christine from the Northern Institute in Darwin (although i will have left before you return) I look forward to following your journey and hearing how the young people are responding in local schools. c